Hydraulic Kabolite 336GC RC Excavator V3


The supermodel Huina kabolite 336GC Hydraulic RC Excavator Toy

If you are looking to buy the best huina RC excavator, then we recommend Kabolite 336 GC. It is one of the best hydraulic with alloy metal and tough ABS plastic crawler excavators.


This combination of both metal and tough ABS plastic makes it a durable machine.


Why is Huina RC recommended? Because the most attractive feature of Hunia RC is its lite weight. The comfortable attribute offers productivity and efficiency.


Lighter than Huina 1580, heavier than Huina 1593, the Kabolite 336 GC model presents durable features.


As it weighs only 9.2 kg makes it easier to carry when traveling and yet tougher when put to work.


You should keep it in your mind that you need a certain weight to be successful when digging in the earth. That’s why the Huina Kabolite 336 GC hydraulic RC excavator is a very suitable RC digging machine.

Amazing features


  • More improved model
  • Most recent Launch
  • High quality and 100% brand new
  • Very powerful
  • Stable version for overall performances
  • Duration of playing time for over 45 minutes.
  • Lightweight easy to carry
  • Perfect reinforced yet exquisite wooden packaging
  • Resistible alloy track with firm grip difficult to break
  • Most flexible and robust

Mighty workable erection


It has the ability for digging deeper with its hefty scoop with 360° degree cab rotation.

It is a true replication of a real excavator working on an erection site, however, it’s virtual


Sound adds more excitement to its features. It can perform all the functions of a real caterpillar along with its 4 LED Lights for its nightly usage.

A toy for every age group

The kabolite is built for young adults to familiarize them with original excavators.


It is a Toy for big boys and very lucky kids. As we all know who hasn't dreamed about a toy like that when they were young!

We got a little version that was all plastic. With Kabolite 336 GC one can have an authentic replica of the caterpillar excavator.

 You will have a remote controller with an English manual. When you give this to a kid, they are going to know what to do with it.

They have different modes to control and function for this excavator. All the parts are independent of each other, so you could play with them whichever way you like.

They take a bit of practice and a bit of control before you play a lot of fun games with your friends.


We also want you to know that what we are selling is different to what the scammers have been flogging on the web.

For example, the Huina 1580 model which we sell on our website, its bucket is metal, and both arms boom dipper is metal. Its alloy metal and ABS Plastic. It is not any cheap plastic toy which many people are receiving when they place an online order.

When you buy it from us, what we are explaining, and what you see is what you will receive.

We have the huina 1583, and huina 1582 RC dump truck, and also have smaller, more affordable excavators. The smaller ones are hard ABS Plastic and they come in a nicely fitted package as well.

Last but not the least is we have the best customer reviews for fast product delivery websites in Australia, North America and around the world, for more details follow the shipping policy on our website.


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