1. Please do not lift the excavator holding the boom(arm). Always lift it up by holding the base or tracks. 

2. Please do not stand on the excavator.

3. Please do not force or continuously push the rotating button if you hear a click sound. If you hear any clicking sound when rotating the base of the excavator it means it has reached its limit or there is something on the side stopping it from rotating or there is simply a weight imbalance, please properly lift and put the excavator in a better position as soon as you notice this problem.

4. If you hear any clicking sound when digging please do not continue to push the button, it simply means it has reached its limit.

5. Do not swing or drag the excavator with your hands using the boom.

6. Please do not intentionally fill the excavator body with sand because sand or dirt particles can enter the gears causing it to break. 

7. Do not place or operate this excavator near water.