Kabolite 970 RC Excavator (2024 Model)

The production time for this model is 2-3 weeks and the transit time is 1 week. On average, it takes about a month to get it delivered to you.
This machine is tested and inspected before it is shipped to avoid any problems. It is shipped directly from Huina(Kabolite)factory

The 970 is the best hydraulic excavator produced by the huina factory, on a scale of 1:14, made entirely of metal and weighs 31 kilograms, which guarantees robustness, stability in movement and power which are essential to guarantee high performance and operational efficiency in an excavator model of this class.

The movement of Kabolite 970 is guaranteed by powerful brushless motors that drive the tracks through 4-level planetary reducers, capable of providing a thrust of 80 kg and the 360 ​​° cab rotation system, also adopts a brushless motor with reduction gear 4-level planetary, capable of providing a thrust of 65 kg.

The movements of the arm are provided by a hydraulic piston circuit. The main pump uses a high power static brushless motor. Six-way valves control the main boom, front boom, bucket and quick-change bucket system. There is a pressure gauge, hidden behind a door, to check the correct functioning of the system.

The tool (bucket) is connected and disconnected from the front arm through an automated hydraulic system.

Everything is easily controlled by an 18-channel 2.4GHz remote control, equipped with a large colour touch screen, and an end-user system capable of providing us with the necessary information and guiding us in an easy and intuitive way in programming. The operating mode of the K970 is switchable between DRIVE and DIG.

The model is made using the best materials and the best construction technologies; aluminium alloy parts, laser welding on stainless steel, CNC technology, nylon pistons and tubes of the high-performance hydraulic system, precision gears.

The entire frame of the K970 is made by CNC machining, the richness of detail of the finishes and details such as the grids, the metal tracks, the wheels, the handles, the pistons, the working lights, in addition to the activable sounds and adjustable, make the K970, quite true-like, a splendid masterpiece.

The packaging is no exception. A sturdy suitcase made specifically for the K970 is able to guarantee the necessary protection and appropriate transport.


Kabolite 970 - 100

Kabolite 970-100s

Basic version.

-       it is not compatible with the extra kabolite attachments.

-       It does not have 2 extra channels.

-       It does not have hydraulic quick bucket changer connector

Upgraded OR Advanced version.

-       It is compatible with the extra kabolite attachments.

-       It does come with 2 extra channels and an extra receiver.

-       It does come with a hydraulic quick bucket changer connector

Forward / Reverse
Right / Left controls
Main boom up / down
Front boom up / down
Bucket up / down
Bucket hitch open / closed
Lights on / off
Sounds ON / OFF / HORN with volume
Oil pump switch ON / OFF
Operation mode switch

Technical specifications

Scala 1:14
Dimensions mm 943,5 x 310 x 334
Weight g 31000
LiPo V / MaH battery 11,1/15.000
Remote control 2.4GHz 18-channel with color LCD touch screen
Engines Brushless
Mechanical movements Hydraulic circuit

Package contents:
Remote control
7.4v 15.000 mAh LiPo battery
Battery charger
Hydraulic oil pack
Allen wrench set
Manual in ENGLISH

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Huina (Kabolite) Hydraulic RC Models.

The Hydraulic RC models produced by Huina factory are called Kabolite. These are advanced RC Construction model which do require hydraulic oil for it to operate. Kabolite RC are more stronger than the Huina RC. It is made and recommended for advanced RC hobbyist (Customers who have a lot of experience in handling, repairing and maintaining RC toys especially the construction models). We usually hold stocks for the Kabolite 336GC Excavator and Kabolite 966 Wheel loader in all the warehouses. Models like the Kabolite 350 and 970 Excavator are not already made. Customers will have to wait after purchase for manufacturing before they are shipped out. All Kabolite models are shipped with express couriers and customers do not have to pay for shipping.


Spare parts 

Spare parts for huina or kabolite models are accessory parts for the a complete model. We do not stock spare parts in any of the fullfillment centre but they all are shipped directly from Huina factory. Customers should be please have patience when they order a spare parts. We offer free shipping for the spare parts and the transit time for the spare parts are usually 5-15 days when shipped. Delays can happen sometimes and this is normal because factory do not produce large amount of spare parts and sometimes some of them require manufacturing after purchase.



Upgrades for huina toys are produced by a different CNC manufacturing company and not Shantou Huina factory. These parts are design to fit Huina toys only. At the moment we ship all Upgrades part from China and approximately the transit time is 7-14 days. 

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