Manual Hitch Connecter for 1550/1592/1593/1594/1580 RC Excavator


This product is packed in a box to avoid damage and the transit time, when shipped, is 5-12 days.

This is the manual hitch connector for huina excavators, it will match huina 1550, 1592, 1593, 1594 and 1580 excavator

-  Brand new and high quality

- Fine workmanship and perfect style

- With this quick release modification kit, you can change excavator bucket easily and conveniently

- Suitable for multi-style buckets, increase the playability of RC excavator

- Universal fit for 26 pitch -30 pitch bucket


- Material: 304 Stainless Steel Plate + PLA Plastic

- Applicable Model: for Huina 350/550/560/580/592/593/594/1580


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