HUINA 1561 RC FIRE TRUCK - Complete Review 2021.

Huina 1561 Fire truckWell! Have your kid now become able to play with toys, and you want to get him a remote control Fire Truck? So, Huina Construction Toys has the best option for you and presents the Huina 1561 RC Fire Truck. For the creativity of your kid, you need to keep this cool toy.

Construction toys are trendy nowadays and perform a more significant role in bringing up your child with a creative mind. By playing with construction toys, your kid comes to know about the working and part of the Fire Trucks. They understand every aspect of fire trucks as well as enjoy their favourite toy.

The Huina 1561 RC Fire Truck is a realistic RC fire truck manufactured on the real fire truck concept. It is the best remote control fire truck for toddlers available on Huina Construction Toys. To know more about this exceptional fire truck, stay with us till the end.

These days, kids waste their time watching Laptop or playing games on Mobile, construction toys are best to change their way of playing. The wireless remote control fire truck is the only solution to take their hands out of these dangerous devices.

Now, without any further ado, let’s go through Huina 1561 RC Fire Truck features. In the end, we will list the specifications of this remote fire truck at a glance, and must look at them once.


Attractive Design:

The design of Huina 1561 RC Fire Truck is friendly and beautiful that compels your child to be habitual of this toy. As a result, your kid spends more time playing with it. Of 2021, it is the brand new bright fire truck you get at Huina Construction Toys.

With a weight of just 4.75 kg, a kid of age 6 and onward can seamlessly move this truck. However, two kids playing together can effortlessly play with it using its ladder and water spray. 


The Huina 1561 is made up of high-quality materials that can be used with no worries of breaking during play. Its construction also makes it the perfect remote control fire truck for adults. The workbench can be rotated through 270 degrees to cover up the area all-around.

Moreover, the fire truck is provided with a small pipe and water sprayer. It can push the water to a longer distance with full pressure. The ladder of this truck can raise to a height of 60cm, but it needs special care to take it at height. 

It is powered with a battery of capacity 1200mAh. It offers enough backup, and your kid continues to play for several hours. For charging the battery, the package includes a USB cable.

Wireless Remote Control:

The remote control provided with Huina 1561 RC fire truck is quite powerful and easily fits into hands. It can control the truck from a distance of more than 30 meters. This wireless remote control has greater efficiency and manages every action at the right time.

Using this remote control, the skills of your kid are refined and polished up even more. So, this remote control fire truck is the best alternative to Mobile. 

Emergency Alarm Sound:

Just like the real fire trucks, Huina fire truck is powered with simulation fire alarm sound. It helps in improving the insightful thoughts of your kid. By following a simple fire emergency story, your kid can think of solving a particular emergency.

The alarming emergency sound is enough to be heard in between two rooms. Hence, it makes Huina 1561 an ideal machine to be listed among the best remote control construction toys.


The Huina 1561 RC Fire Truck is highly recommended for your kid irrespective of age. It is because the plastic material of the truck is non-toxic. You can leave your child alone playing with it all day. 

This incredible RC fire truck for sale is available on the Huina Toys Official Website. You will get the product on your doorstep within a few working days.

Specification of Huina 1561 RC Fire Truck at a Glance:

Weight                            4.75 kg

Ladder height                    60 cm

Control Distance            30 meters

Battery Capacity            1200 mAh

Dimensions                     68.5 x 64 x 60 cm


  •         Attractive design and quality construction
  •         Long control range and better battery life
  •         Recommended for kids of all ages


  •         The ladder needs special care while taking to height

Final Words:

So, that’s all about the Huina 1561 RC Fire Truck. This remote control fire truck is an ideal piece under the given price tag. It is incredibly functional and never string up while playing. Huina Construction Toys has given their full attention in manufacturing this RC fire truck.

You will be amazed by the overall construction and working efficiency of this fire truck. There is no comparison to this brand in the field of construction toys. It performs its best to render happiness to your kid, and you will catch sight of it.