HUINA 1576

Is your child fed-up playing with old-fashioned and ordinary small toys and you want to gift a large and technical toy? No worries, Huina Construction Toys is here to cover you up with its Huina RC 1576 Forklift, available with a crane and flat-bed. This collection will keep your child engaged in using them all.

Kids always love to play with several toys, but playing with a small toy is overwhelming. So, your kid needs big toys in the form of a set. It fulfils your kid's requirements and releases your tension of buying from different stores. For helping you in this regard, we can send this set to your home.

Every father wants the happiness of his child, irrespective of the money and time he can spend. You are getting this remote control forklift truck along with a crane and flat-bed in affordable price. These three toys are made similar to the actual machines. So, it maintains your kid interest in playing with them.

The foremost thing is to keep your child away from electronic devices and engage them in creative tools. It is only possible when you give them something special, which attract kids to itself. The remote control construction trucks force them to think, manipulate, and focus.

So, what are you waiting for? Want to know some more about the Huina RC 1576 Forklift? If Yes, stay with us, and we are moving into further details about this RC Forklift Toy available on Huina Toys Official Website. Let's get started to know about the disguising features:


Beautiful Design:

The design of Huina RC 1576 Forklift looks realistic, and its colour is also lovely. Whenever your kid plays with this RC forklift truck, his friends and cousin's heart will also melt to play with him. Having friends to play, your kid will understand some extra stuff and learn about group tasks.

Moreover, please don't get confused with the whole package; you can easily carry it with them to their Grandma house during vacation. The set's total weight is around 17.5 kg, which can be shifted in a small bag. However, your kid can also take only the forklift on vacation.

Quality Construction:

The Huina 1576 RC Forklift toy is constructed from both metal and industrial grade ABS plastic of high-quality. Its construction is so sturdy that it got the badge of best remote control excavator for adults. From pulleys and nylon ropes to rubber tires, every single part is exceptionally durable.

The flat-bed included in the package can be separated from the forklift. Similarly, you can switch from forklift to crane by adding the aluminium hook lift. In the lifting mode, carefully move the safety line during work. The lift can pick a load up to 6 pounds and can pull weight up to 25 pounds.

Furthermore, this remote control construction truck has a battery of 400mAh capacity. Depending on the usage, it usually gives back up from 25 to 30 minutes. However, the battery can last more if used in many periods and charged with the included USB charger during rest time.

Wireless Remote Control:

The Huina RC 1576 Forklift comes outfitted with wireless remote control. It is not only handy but also easy to use with clear directions. This remote is built based on advanced technology with 2.4G undisturbed signalling feature. It keeps your kid tension free as the remote performs without jamming.

The remote control and the lift truck works at instant command due to its anti-interference ability. Additionally, it has an auto-demonstration feature, allowing automatic collaboration and make its use easy for your kid. It can be controlled through a distance of 70 meters, which itself is a remarkable feature. 


The Huina RC 1576 Forklift, Crane, and Flat Bed all are manufactured considering the kids' safety. The entire material has no health venture, so your kid can play in any way he wants. It values your money and offers you a peace of mind that your kid has the right toy in hands. 

If you are wondering where to get forklift for sale, Huina Construction Toys is the best place. They have included almost every feature in this RC forklift. It is undoubtedly the perfect machine in the given price.

Specifications of Huina RC 1576 Forklift at a Glance:

Weight (Entire Set)                        17.5 kg

Material                                           ABS Plastic + Metal

Control Distance                           70 meters

Battery Capacity                            400 mAh

Battery Life                                     Up to 30 minutes

Dimensions                                     51 x 17 x 42 cm


  • Beautiful design, high-quality plastic and metal
  • Long-range, good battery capacity, and battery life
  • The remote control is anti-jamming and anti-interference


  • Lift needs special care to upraise weight

Final Words:

Well! That's all about the Huina RC 1576 Forklift toy. In this package, Huina Construction Toys provides you Forklift along with a crane and a flat-bed. All these toys are made up of high-quality materials, but still, the price is affordable.

This remote control forklift truck has exceptional performance. All the three toys give freedom of use by quickly replacing the hook. The lift platform supports enough weight and raises freely.

Overall, the Huina 1576 Forklift remote control construction toy could be a reason for making your kid happy. It offers relaxation and great pleasure to your kid and hence, to you.